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This Division is set up under technical cooperation with a leading business company in Indonesia, Multi-structure which is specializing in construction and infrastructure services.



A partnership between ETE and Teras Teknik Perdana Pt. (PTT) of Indonesia. Engaged into insulation, refractory, and scaffolding services. insulation, refractory and scaffolding services. The division is well-equipped to serve the requirements of insulation, refractory and scaffolding of the Hydrocarbon Industries, Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Power Plants, Cement Plants and other related industries with the most advanced technical services. The division can undertake both turnkey projects as well as maintenance works.



Ozaltin Construction is a top rated construction company in Turkey. A joint-venture agreement was signed between ETE Group and Ozaltin forming OZALTIN ARABIA. Its main objective is to executive mega construction projects in the kingdom.



A partnership between GRUPO CHOVA FELIX of Spain and ETE Group. Engaged into manufacturing and sales of all kind of waterproofing and insulation system membrane.



A joint venture between ETE Group and TABALSA of Spain engaged into production and sales of electrical metallic tubes.



GENERAL DE ALQUILER DE MAQUINARIA, S.A. (GAM). It is a well known company based in Madrid, Spain engaged in rental and sales of heavy equipment and machineries. GAM is currently operating in countries, such as: Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Mexico, Brasil and of course, in Spain.



Spanish Gulf Project (SGP) formed by the merger of three Spanish groups namely: Sanchez Y Lago, Grupo Moises Alvarez, & Procoin, heeds the call towards globalization and business diversification to be able to compete globally. This bold move was driven by a general deceleration of activities within the construction sector in Spain. Given the situation, it therefore, needed to re-position itself with strategies in order to remain abreast in the global business competition.