Quality Assurance

C E“Highest quality building systems”


Eastern Precast guarantees the manufacture and delivery of the
highest quality building systems available in the market.
Unique Eastern Precast production processes combined with the
very latest manufacturing equipment and its team of highly skilled
professionals result in a quality assurance second to none. Eastern Precast is continually seeking to improve processes and methods of production to serve the customer
better and more cost effectively.

Controlling the product quality of the ready-mix (zero slump) concrete used for the production of prestressed
hollowcore precast slabs is essential.


Therefore, Eastern Precast aggregate stock is stored in covered bins, to ensure protection against impurities, dust and sunlight.
Additionally, Eastern precast batching plants maintain a production temperature control. Concrete mix design complies with BS & ASTM standards and client requirements.

To maintain design integrity, and pre-stressed hollowcore precast slabs standards, all our QA/QC staffs are routinely following the latest technologies and Innovation at the American Concrete Institute (ACI), Canadian Pre-stressed Institute (CPI), and Precast Concrete Institute (PCI) and Client Specs.
Our QA/QC Manual is attached in details separately.